1. Your receipt is your verification and acknowledgement that your package was shipped by us as your agent,
and on your behalf. In the event of a question about this shipment, do not contact the carrier. Have consignee
retain all items including the carton and packaging materials. Do not remove or re-ship contents.  It is
absolutely essential that you retain your receipt until you are certain that the shipment has arrived at its
destination safely.  All inquiries must be directed to us within ten (10) days of delivery to consignee.

2. You, the client, are responsible for all charges including duties, customs assessments, governmental
penalties and fines, any attorney fees and/or legal costs related to this shipment.

3. Purchase of declared value insurance will not guarantee payment of that amount unless proper verification
of value is made by customer and the packaging meets the carrier’s minimum guidelines. Coverage extends to
the lessor of: actual (depreciated) value of the contents at the time of mailing, cost of repairs, or the limit fixed
for the declared coverage obtained. Non-replaceable items of unusual value, TV or computer monitors, cash
or other negotiable items cannot be insured, nor will Mail, Copy & More accept financial responsibility for these
types of items.

4. Neither the carrier nor we will honor a claim for damage if the customer packed the carton themselves and
that packing fails to meet the minimum requirements for the carrier(s) selected.

5. We can not be liable:
a. For payment of a claim in the event the carrier or insurer denies claim in full or part.
b. For failure of carrier to effect a timely delivery.
c. For any parcel shipped without adequate declared value coverage.
d. For any damages whether direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential, including, but not limited
to loss of income or profits arising from loss, damage, delay, mis-delivery, or non-delivery of a shipment.
e. For any negotiable items, including cash.

6. Client agrees that this shipment does not contain any items that are prohibited by any local, state or
national law or regulation. Right to inspect - We may, at our option, open and inspect any package at any time.

7. Client agrees to reimburse us for any address correction fees charged to us by the carrier.

8. Please Note – Express shipments shipped for pick up on Friday will be delivered on the following business

9. The Terms and Conditions for the carrier(s) selected to ship your packages(s) also apply.
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